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Electric Motorcycles History



Have you ever wondered when the history of the electric motorcycle begins? Today we are used to seeing moving vehicles that do not generate sound or pollution. We are no longer surprised to see motorcycles plugged in, as if they were toys. Our vehicles notify us if they detect any anomaly in their environment or detect a suspicious movement, issuing a call for help. They are able to communicate with the driver and say: Watch out! You have a vehicle very close, keep your distance.

All of these little milestones have been developed over generations to create a safer, more comfortable and greener driving experience. But, when does the history of the electric motorcycle begin?

1860 : Beggining

The first patents for two wheels powered by electric power began to emerge in 1860. There is not much documentation about it, but thanks to these innovations 160 years ago we have reached the current electric vehicle development. We are talking about the decade in which Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States.

1911 : Commercialization

From the hand of Roberto Eugenio Gentile, the first primitive “electric motorcycles” emerged. These were presented at the Buenos Aires Invention Fair. The two-wheeler had a range of 50 and was already reaching a speed of 65 km per hour.

World War II

Maurice Limelette founded an electric motorcycle company, together with his brother Albert, called SOCOVEL, in 1938.

In 1941, Maurice invented, developed and began manufacturing his own electric scooter to solve problems related to gasoline rationing during World War II.

This scooter could run without gas, and was also lightweight, that’s why it immediately sparked interest in the German forces. In the first year, SOCOVEL managed to produce and sell more than 400 units. SOCOVEL continued to produce and sell electric motorcycles until 1945.

1996 : Scoot’ elec

After a slow evolution, due to the lack of a general electrical network, the manufacturer Peugeot presented an electric scooter model at the Cologne show. Its design did not differ from any other scooter, it was hard to notice that it is a motorcycle that did not require gasoline to move. This was the first mass-produced electric motorcycle, the pioneer in a booming world.

2006 : Vectrix

Vectrix introduced the first commercially available high performance electric scooter, the VX-1, a Maxi size scooter.

The biggest problem with this first version were its batteries. They allowed a low real autonomy close to 48 km at a speed of 80 km / h.

The company went bankrupt and the Gold Peak battery group bought the company in 2009. Vectrix expanded the product lines, offering the three-wheeled VX-2 and VX-3. These models exist today.

2009 : Mission One, the fastest one

Mission Motors, a San Francisco startup led by a former Tesla engineer, introduced the Mission One, an electric motorcycle capable of hitting 150 mph, making it the world’s fastest producing electric vehicle.

The same year, Zero Motorcycles organized the “24 Hours of Electricross” event in San José. It is considered the first all-electric off-road endurance race.

2011 : E-vivacity

After 10 years of manufacturing the Peugeot scoot´Elec, the French brand launched the e-Vivacity, with a proposal for longer-lasting batteries. This is when the boom in the commercialization and development of electric motorcycles begins.

2019 : OX Motorcycles Birth

After the establishment of the electricity market and observing the trajectory of the motor industry, society is aware that it is necessary to take a drastic decision to combat the emergency of climate change.

OX Motorcycles arises to cover the need for a transport that does not pollute. It is conceived as an intelligent, safe and comfortable vehicle, but without neglecting aesthetics, with a Café Racer style. F*ck Boring Motorcycles! 

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