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A better driving experience.

ELISA is designed with one main goal: to improve the OX driving experience. It allows you to be connected with your OX anywhere and to know its location and range. You can also check your latest trips or your driving statistics.

Drive and enjoy the ride.
ELISA takes care of everything else for you.

ELISA includes the GPS function. You can search your destination and navigate directly on your OX One screen, or choose between your frequent destinations. Before starting your trip, ELISA will tell you if you have enough autonomy to make your trip and your approximate consumption.

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Your safety is our priority

ELISA is aware of its surroundings. Thanks to the 360º sensors incorporated around the vehicle, it allows your OX One to detect other vehicles that are dangerously close to your OX. In case of danger, the handlebar vibrates on the side from which the threat is approaching, so you can react in time.

Artificial Intelligence
at your service.


ELISA allows you to obtain statistics of your trips: duration, distance traveled, kg of CO2 saved, KW consumed …



ELISA is able to rate your driving style and your journeys safety. It also offers you recommendations and tips to improve your score.

Your OX always close at hand.

ELISA experience continues also when you get off your OX

ELISA allows you to know always the status of your OX. You can always know where your OX is located and in case of detecting an unexpected movement or theft, it sends you an immediate notification to your mobile phone.


General specifications

Kilometers Traveled
Distance Traveled

GPS Navigator
Plan your trip
Save your favourite trips

Battery charge available
Required battery charge
360º sensors

My profile
User ID
Notice in case of theft or accident

24/7 technical support

Don’t worry if you have any problem with your OX. Our team is available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year. You will also receive all the OX updates so you don’t miss out any plan.

Your OX’s brain.

Soon available on Apple Store and Google Play.

Soon available in your mobile phone!

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