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OX Motorcycles origins


When do the OX Motorcycles origins begin? How does it arise? Contributing is the word this journey begins with. This is a story about three people with different profiles getting together and deciding to approach life in a different way. They are enthusiastic by nature, ready to overcome any challenge and avoid the conventional.

It all begins in 2016, when three entrepreneurs from LEINN International (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) meet in Shanghai, China. This official European degree based on the Finnish methodology of learning by doing and creating consists of the conception of a company while traveling the world. The possibility of getting to know different cultures and countries during the process enriches the experience.

Overlaying Experience

With the boom of the retro trend and predicting its trajectory in the market, they embraced the idea of experiencing a conjunction of past and future. This term is based on the concept “Overlaying Experience”. The superposition of the classic spirit with the most advanced technology. A way to merge retro character with sustainable intelligence.

Automotive world

The birth of OX came two years later, in 2018, when the founding team lived in Seattle, USA. This country’s cult of the classic automotive was the main trigger for the germination of the company. Leaving aside the general veneration of society towards this industry, the commitment they made to create a community that shared certain values, passions and desire to live to the fullest is admirable.

“We know that being pioneers in the field is always difficult, but it is the non-conformists who move the world.”

Valeria Valverde 
Co-founder and Head of Global Brand at OX


At that moment, OX Motorcycles origins begin. With Overlaying Experience concept as their flag, they took its acronym to create a classic motorcycle in its essence, with the latest technology and betting on the union of style and new mobility. Inspired by the pioneers, those who dared to flee from the conventional and not conform, to dream freely. Using the wisdom of the past to create the future we dream of, with the mission of making sustainability attractive.


That same spring, the ideation process began. Later, while in Spain, they decided to create the company and start with the first prototypes, turning a combustion motorcycle into an electric motorcycle, with an aesthetic never seen in this sector. They contacted the first investors and spread the idea at various events in the country. The manufacturing process of the OX ONE model began in China, but due to COVID, they bravely decided to move the factory to Spain to have a better follow-up of the product and to be able to take part in each stage.

Promising future

Beginnings require knowledge, attitude, determination and commitment, and this is what has kept the team together. Diversity in the profiles is necessary in the company to face such an ambitious project, that is why they bet on talent and joined great professionals. The team grows, the dream becomes a reality.

They are enthusiastic, but above all committed. We live in a change of era, global needs cry out for a whole transformation of the economy, mobility, the ways we produce, and the general lifestyle. The human factor is fundamental, diversity in the team and personal treatment is a priority for the growth of OX. In short, they are at the forefront of a sustainable revolution, they are, we are, because change is about working as a team.

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