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Available in Spain, France and Portugal

From March 2022

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Patagonia Green

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OX Patagonia

Technical specifications

Patagonia Green


100 km

Charging time

5 hours

Max. speed

110 km/h




160 Kg


11 kW (in-hub)


Technical specifications

Battery and Motor

Energy: Electric
Battery Type: Lithium
Cell Type: NCM
Voltage: 72V
Battery capacity: 60A
Battery weight: 22kg
Number of batteries: 1
Charging Time: 5h
Battery life: 2200 cycles (95.000km)
Motor Brand: QS Motor
Motor rated power: 6kW
Motor peak power: 11kW
Maximum Torque: 50Nm
Inclination: 25 degrees
Motor efficience: 90%
Driving modes: 4
Waterproof motor: IP7
Maximum speed: 110km/h
Consumption per 100km: 4,2 KW-h/km
Battery range: 100 km



DImensions: 2060*750*1200mm
Seat Height: 830 mm
Weight (without battery): 138kg
Total Weight: 160kg
Chassis Material: Steel
Distance between axis: 1480mm
Minimum distance to the floor: 180mm
Battery Dimensions: 235*170*260mm
Charger Dimensions: 260*158*92mm
Front Headlight: LED
Rear Headlight: LED
Maximum weight supported: 250kg


Front Wheel: 19″
Rear Wheel: 17″
Front Brake: SBC
Rear Brake: SBC
Front Suspension: Adjustable Hydraulic
Rear Suspension: Adjustable Hydraulic

When will I receive my Patagonia?
Patagonia will be delivered from April 2022.

May I choose the color of my Patagonia?
Yes, between its two existent colors.

May I customize my Patagonia?
No, each Atypical Edition has its own configuration and cannot be modified.

Does the price include VAT?
Yes, the price includes VAT.

What kind of license do I need to drive my Patagonia?
Patagonia is equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, so you can drive it with your driving license.

I have previously reserved my OX One, can I change my reservation?
Of course. But the delivery times and the price of the product changes. Write us an email at hello@ox-motorcycles.com and we will make the change.

Which is the Patagonia maximum speed?
110km/h or 70 mph

Where can I make a test drive?
They will be soon available in our dealerships in Spain, France and Portugal. We will also make test drive events with our customers. We will keep you posted once we have available test units.

Which is the Patagonia warranty?
Every OX has a factory warranty of 2 years or 50,000 km.

Is it suitable for two people?
Yes, it can be used by two people.

How much autonomy does the battery have?
Patagonia has a removable battery with 100km of autonomy.

How do I charge the battery?
You can easily remove the battery from your OX and charge it in any household socket. You can also charge it without removing the battery.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
5 hours in any household outlet.

Cost of each charge?
Approximate cost of 1 euro each charge.

Can I charge the battery on-board?
Yes, you can connect the battery charger directly to your OX, without removing the battery.

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