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Rewind the dream


Rewind the Dream is a declaration of intentions, a way for you to get to know the brand and the type of people who carry it as a flag. Therefore, we open ourselves to you.

What does all this mean for us as a company?

It’s simple, it starts with an affirmation: Life doesn’t wait.

How easy it would be to break what bothers you, chase what inspires you, and squeeze out everything that makes you feel alive. Do you think there is something that prevents you from achieving your dreams?

We receive thousands of stimuli daily, we are bombarded with information through our devices. They tell us how we have to live, what we have to think and what we have to have. They taught us that failure detracts from the process and that success is synonymous with happiness.

Time traveler

Congratulations, you are already a time traveler, and you can now rewind the dream. Your life has stopped at the right moment thanks to your new travel companion, OX ONE.

Relax, breathe. You can finally become aware of your day to day and let go of the rush. You have in your hands the ability to see things with perspective, and that is what makes you a true traveler.

In this dreamlike place where time is on stand-by, all the paths that you have not chosen coexist, where there are all the “I wish” and “would have” that you have not yet enjoyed. But now, you have them in front of you and you can remember and relive those sensations on two wheels.

We are OX

For this reason, we are OX and we do not have a remote control, but we can travel in time. We are the “now or never” kind of people. We always try again, redo and rewrite. These people who go all out in each decision, without regrets. We insist because there is nothing firmer than taking a step in the right direction. If you wonder what the answer is, it is simple: Choose the path that makes you feel alive.

These words are the synthesis of this project, to bravely break the established. To create projects that explode in creativity and instinct, grounded in the wisdom and purity of ancient visionaries. Because of them, we have the ability to do things well and better. And if we dream, let it be big. OX goes beyond mobility, it is about you, we want you to live to the fullest, being you the pioneer of this revolution.

Don’t lose time!

Thank you for choosing the path of being a legend with OX.

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